What the Heck ARE E-Cigarettes, Anyway?

The e-cigarettes are some quite innovative devices, so their function could possibly be a little bit unclear. I’ll try to describe to you step by step how they’re made, how should you use it and what makes it distinct from the traditional tobacco (here called “analog”) cigs.¬†

anatomy of an e-cigarette

First thing you must understand about electronic cigarettes is that they usually consist of three parts: a cartridge full of flavored liquid, a component that warms (called an atomizer) as well as the battery that powers the whole system. Virtually all manufacturers start from this simple scheme, but little customizations are what makes one product a lot better than other ones. The disposable cartridges developed as an answer to the leaks that appeared when liquid was carried to the atomizer, as well as the fact that it had to be cleaned almost after every cartridge replacement. Having a compact disposable part, your single job is to buy enough refills so you never run out of them.

If you think e-cigarettes are expensive, recognize that they contain a mechanism that initiates the process, plus they also contain a microprocessor that calculates the exact amount of vapor you need. Another cutting edge component is the pressure sensor, which detects whenever you use it, enhancing the vaping experience a lot. You might not understand, but when using previous incarnations of the e-cig, you’d have to press a button each time which would consume much more energy and drain the battery quickly. When the e-cig is activated, you’ll see that the e-cigarette has a red LED in the tip, giving it the appearance of a standard cig as well as letting you know you can start inhaling. Long story short: when the sensor detects you drag, it lets the processor know that you’re using it and the second one starts the device. The battery gives the required energy for the components (i.e. the atomizer). As soon as the diode lightens, showing it has started working, the warming part starts getting hot and turns the flavored nicotine liquid into vapors. In less than a second, vapors emerge as you begin enjoying your favorite aroma without all of the hazards of tobacco smoking.

If you wonder about which particular kind of battery you’ll get, you should know that nearly all the e-cig brands use Li-Ion batteries which can be recharged, same as the one from your phone. The electronic cigarette you’ll order, no matter from which business, will arrive almost fully assembled with the battery already charged. You’ll have to just pick a cartridge and put it in the correct place, and everything is ready.

What you have to know is the fact that the liquid used for the vapor in e-cigarettes is fully approved to be utilized in food. The substance is called Propylene Glycol and it’s mixed with assorted flavors and, in some cases, nicotine. Nobody says that the product is 100% healthy, but compared with the tobacco smoking, it is a breath of fresh air.

If you haven’t purchased an e-cig before, you’ll probably have to order a starter kit that contains multiple batteries, a variety of cartridge aromas and the charger, specially intended for your new device. From some companies you might also get covers and transfer cases.

new taste of smokeless cigarettesDespite the fact that the whole electronic cigarette thing became incredibly popular on the internet, you’ll see that many companies decided to start real shops in many cities. E-cigs are popular and constantly in the news these days. There’s always something to discuss, whether it’s talking about the brand you use and how many flavors you can purchase, to your reasons for switching to e-cigarettes and how your life and relationships have improved since.

Getting a nicotine kick doesn’t mean smoke anymore.