Embarrassed by Smoking?

Do You Do Any of These Embarrassing Things?

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If you’re still smoking tobacco cigarettes, maybe you recognize yourself in some of these uncomfortable situations:

1. Your children, friends, and significant others can’t stand how you smell after a smoke break.

Maybe they make a tactful comment, or maybe they simply avoid you until the stink wears off…

2. Your future husband sees you pick up a cigarette and says,

“I guess I’ll have to look for a surrogate mother for my kids. I do love you but I can’t afford to pay with my kids’ health by giving them a mommy like you.” Ouch.

3. Your best friend comes over to watch the game with you.

Later when you go for a smoke, he says to you, “I’m happy you’re in no mood to kick the butt, buddy! You know I’ve always had a soft spot for [your girlfriend]. Once you die, I’ll take care of her; don’t worry!” (Thinking about switching to electronic cigarettes yet?)

4. Are you a father with a baby daughter?

Perhaps one day your daughter will turn to you and say, “Dad, don’t find a guy for me who is like you. I cannot live with a man who doesn’t mind giving a slow death to his dear ones.” Awwwww.

No matter how nasty they sound, your dear ones just want you to realize that the embarrassment is meant to show you they care about your health, and their own. You don’t have to sacrifice your enjoyment; switch to battery-powered electronic cigarettes. Smooth segue, eh?

Get your starter kit here and smoke on your own terms.

Joke of the Day

“I was volunteering in a third grade classroom reading the Weekly Readers with a group of students. The topic was The Great American Smoke Out when people are encouraged to quit smoking for a day. One little boy proclaimed his Mommy’s boyfriend smoked in the house… But only when Daddy was away on business.”
– “The Most Embarrassing Things Ever Blurted Out by Kids”