Are Electronic Cigarettes a Trend, or a Better Way to Smoke(less)?

The Facts Persuade: Electronic Cigarettes are No Longer Only a Fad

electronic cigarettes no longer a fad

It is proven by an incredible market shift.

Worldwide sales of electronic cigarettes are racking up.

The billions of dollars validate it.

It’s all over the news. And the tobacco industry’s bid to compete with its brands simply confirms it.

Electronic cigarettes are no longer just a style, but a fast-growing industry and a current market reality. Some analysts project that e-cigarettes will outsell regular cigarettes within a decade.

This is simple, actually – e-cigarettes offer smokers a truly viable alternative to tobacco cigarettes. E-cigs not only look, taste, and “feel” like a conventional cigarette, but they also provide exactly the same nicotine hit, classic cigarette flavor, and similar smoking volume.

You may likewise use them just as you would a traditional smoke.

So what is the difference?

Because electronic cigarettes are battery-controlled (and not lit), there’s no smoke, smell, ash, or cigarette butts – and hence no inconvenience!

Besides savoring the smoking sensation, smokers can also appreciate the liberty to smoke them everywhere!


However a lifestyle free of smoking restrictions is only the beginning. Smokers who’ve changed to e – cigs also appreciate the benefits of choice (a wide range of e-liquid flavors!), security (no risk of starting a fire), and affordability. You normally get “more smoke” from one e-cig cartridge than from an entire pack of traditional cigarettes. Plus, think of the money you save when you do not have the additional expenses of lighters and ashtrays or dry-cleaning to remove smoke smell from clothing, upholstery, or furniture materials!

Considering switching to electronic cigarettes?

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What the FDA says about e-cigarettes

While there are currently no national limitations on e-cigarettes – including regulations on flavorings, Internet sales, promotion, or buyer age – this scenario is soon to change because the Food & Drug Administration is anticipated to issue its planned e-cig regulations this coming Fall. Some brands like Green Smoke boast of compliance-readiness, while many e-cig makers are taking a wait-and-see attitude while enjoying a booming pre-FDA business.

Green Smoke officials say that its substantial investments in pharmaceutical expertise, high-level engineering, and stringent quality control ensure a leading-edge e-cigarette product – because the business moves toward tighter regulations ready for conformity.

Why not all e-cigarettes are created equal

There are about 250 e-cigarette brands. And the e-cig you choose depends on what you’re looking for, obviously. Green Smoke, the leading brand of e-cigarettes, prides itself in cutting-edge technologies that enable smokers to appreciate a really realistic smoking experience. Thanks to Green Smoke’s proprietary FlavorMax(TMark) cartridge technology – which maximizes flavor and offers amazingly high smoking volume – smokers may enjoy the e-cig much, much longer. In reality, they are able to pull up to 360 puffs from every cartridge – equivalent to up to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes!

Moreover, Sensor Safe (TMark) technologies and the trademarked Green Seal (TMark) locks in flavor and extends battery and cartridge life, respectively.

Why switch to e-cigs: Top 3 reasons

1. You have an active social life and you want to keep it that way – No smoking areas? No problem! Not for nothing is an e-cig called the “social cigarette”. With e-cigarettes, you can kiss offensive smells and smoker’s breath good-bye, and revel in smoking in most places where traditional cigarettes are banned, including many pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, bus stations, and airports. You know, places where people are. No longer do you have to “step outside” for a smoke and interrupt an important date, company or social event.

e-cigarettes are the cool thing now, apparently

2. Convenience -There are no cigarette butts or ashtrays to clean up, nor cigarette smell to get rid of. E-cigarettes are also travel-friendly: store it in your pocket in between puffs.

In addition, with rechargeable batteries, replaceable cartridges, chargers, and wall/car adapters, you’ll never run out of power. Continue enjoying smoking even on the go.

3. Safety – With e-cigarettes, there’s nothing to light and no risk of fire. Since they run on batteries and don’t burn anything, there’s no ash and no risk of fire. No need to “put out” your e-cigarette. Enjoy smoking even in bed – without worrying that you’ll fall asleep while still smoking and accidentally take up a fire in your sheets.

Why smokers are changing to E-cigarettes

The reason is simple, really – e-cigarettes offer smokers a genuinely viable option to tobacco cigarettes. Let me remind you that e-cigs not only look, taste, and “feel” like a traditional cigarette, they also contain nicotine, provide comparable smoking volume, and classic cigarette flavor. You may also utilize them just as you would a traditional cigarette. Because e-cigarettes are battery-operated (and not lit), there isn’t any smoke, odor, ash, or cigarette butts – and therefore no trouble! So besides savoring the smoking sense, smokers may also appreciate the freedom to smoke them virtually anywhere.

The Benefits of E Cigs:

  • 8 rich flavors – Industry-leading smoke volume
  • Revolutionary long lasting cartomizers
  • Longlasting and rechargeable batteries
  • Triplesealed for freshness
  • Smoke less, ashes – odor-less, and less
  • Simple to use, simple to maintain
  • No Tar, No Ash, No Carbon Monoxide
  • No Hassle 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Award Winning Customer Service Team